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Windows Phone Game Promotion Platform to Boost Game Traffic

Many game developers are faced with the problems of decreased chance of apps discovery, sense of challenge and achievement, and tedious payment gateway implementation. We resolve these key problems for mobile game developers.

We provide easy-to-integrate SDKs for all the essential elements for Windows Phone games to successfully monetize. Various billing options, SNS leaderboards, and cross-promotions are readily available for you in an integrated way.


  • Cross-Promotion via our Game Promotion Platform provides the best way for games to be effectively advertised to the world.

  • In our Cross-Promotion, games are marketed by other games for free or at low cost.

  • In return, each game will also be a channel to promote other games, thus building a win-win network among all game developers within our Windows Phone Game Promotion platform.

Boost your games traffic.

Whether you are a new startup or an experienced developer, we will help you boost your traffic.


  • A sense of competition is the best catalyst to make gamers more engaged and motivated to continue to play to achieve ever higher scores.

  • By adding our highly customizable leaderboards, developers can successfully inspire the sense of competition in gamers and make them more engaged with the games.

It's all about motivation and challenge.

Our highly customizable leaderboards let you easily achieve your goal to motivate gamers.

Integrated Payment

  • Implementing all the different payment methods to reach out to the biggest number of the mobile gamers can be a hassle for developers.

  • Our Windows Phone Game Promotion platform already does the integration, and developers only need to embed the SDK for a one-stop integrated payment solution with various payment options, covering mobile gamers worldwide.

Integrated one-stop payment gateway.

Not only international credit cards, but also various local payment methods in various countries - all for your better monetization.