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Localize Games to Resonate with Chinese Gamers

Experience has shown that successful apps and games in China are usually localized for the market. Respecting the language, cultural themes and payment methods for apps and games are key success factors.

With deep expertise in the China market, proven track record in multi-platform development and localization, as well as strong networking and relationships with China local app stores and channels, AE Mobile is the right partner to successfully bring your mobile games into China.

Services and Capabilities

AE Mobile provides game developers outside of China with a one-stop localization solution to tapping the China market.

  • Language Localization - text and graphics translation into Chinese
  • Cultural Localization - incorporated within game features such as outfits, avatars and virtual items
  • Local Payment Methods - integrate Chinese local payment methods for better monetization in China
  • Two development centers in Hangzhou and Xi'an - provides technical support for any required localization

Benefits for Game Developers

  • Significantly shorten time to China market

  • Boost hit rates and chances for success

  • No need to build out own China team

  • Use of AE Mobile's professional developer and graphic artist resources

Localization Examples