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Port Android or iOS Games to Windows Phone Platform

We provide a fast and cost-effective service for your Android/iOS mobile game to successfully port over to the Windows Phone platform. Whether you are a game developer without much Windows Phone experience or are short of resources, our experienced engineers can do the heavy lifting. Game developers can benefit from the expertise that we have accumulated over the years as a globally recognized No.1 games developer and publisher in the Windows Phone eco-system.


  • Globally ranked no.1 games developer and publisher in Windows Phone

  • Robust design and strong UI capabilities

  • Years of multi-platform development and cross-platform porting experience


  • Significantly shorten time-to-market

  • Minimize porting cost by leveraging AE Mobile's Windows Phone expertise

  • Successfully monetize on Windows Phone platform

AE Mobile's Achievements in Windows Phone

Games ranked among Top 10 in Windows Phone in various countries in Top Free, Featured, New Rising, or Best rated categories.

Source: Windows Phone Marketplace as of Jan 2014