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Get Your Games Published Globally

AE Mobile provides you with a whole new opportunity for monetization in Windows Phone Marketplace globally. Through partnering with AE Mobile, you can look forward to opening up a new revenue source. As a globally ranked No.1 developer and publisher in the Windows Phone Marketplace, AE Mobile will leverage its visibility and profile to ensure your games' success.

Business Model


Revenue Sharing

(New risk-free revenuesource)


Game Developers


Porting & Publishing


Global Windows Phone Marketplace


Provision of quality mobile game


Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive customized solution reduces risk, increases monetization opportunity, and optimizes your offering for the China market. AE Mobile performs all these steps and requires zero additional effort from game developers.

Individual Service Offerings

Depending on individual needs, AE Mobile can customize services as required.

  • Porting, optimizing, and testing

  • Stores submission and management

  • Payment distribution

  • Marketing and operations (customer service/social network)

Expected Benefits

For Game Developers

  • New incremental revenue source at no or low cost.

  • Leverage AE Mobile‚Äôs strong Windows Phone knowhow and influence.

  • New platform opportunity on Windows Phone Marketplace globally.

For AE Mobile

  • Create a virtuous cycle of publishing and working with quality games beyond self-developed titles.

  • Opportunity to build a long-term strategic relationship with game developers worldwide.

Marketing Examples

AE Mobile provides the best way for games to be effectively advertised to the world. Below are examples of one of our successful marketing methods for cross-promotion, where games are marketed by other games for free or at low cost and in return each participating game will also be a channel to promote other games, thus building a win-win network.


AE Mobile's Strength in Windows Phone Eco-system

AE Mobile is the global no.1 developer and publisher in Windows Phone Marketplace.